Handling Difficult Customer Service Situations

Cartoon hand holding sign that reads how to keep the customerHandling Difficult Customer Service Situations

Through the day to day interactions of your business there are many scenarios that can arise in relation to customer service. You will likely find yourself in difficult situation at some point and although a customer may be upset, the main thing they will remember is how you handle yourself.

If you find yourself in one of the following situations know what to do…. Continue reading “Handling Difficult Customer Service Situations”

Calgary Business Will Rebound

Calgary is a great city and I love working and helping businesses in this fabulous city. There have been many concerns about the status of our economy and what this downturn means for our future.  Although there have and will continue to be many changes; our future is not something to worry about. Our city has more than just luck on our side, but people who will pull through because of many reasons. Here is why I believe that Calgary will rebound within 24 months:

We are entrepreneurial

Calgarians, among many Albertans have an entrepreneurial mindset.  A recent report suggests that “Albertans have a positive attitude toward entrepreneurship”. We believe in our entrepreneurs and their strength to overcome. From the beginning of the oil patch, to the oil crisis of the 80’s, our businesses and industry leaders have told us wonderful stories how they have survived against great odds.  These stories are the fabric of who we are today.  We have spent years listening to these stories, we know them to be true and so the next generation of entrepreneurs will take up the charge and become entrepreneurs themselves. Continue reading “Calgary Business Will Rebound”

Customer Service Questions?

Customer ServiceGreat customer service not only leads to referrals and increased business, but it also creates an excellent reputation. Solving customer service problems, however, can be challenging. Do you want to learn more about customer service or maybe you already have some of your own questions about customer service problems? We want to help your business.

Ask yourself the following questions about your customer service experiences and your own business:

Have you had a poor customer service experience in the past 2 weeks?

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Avoid These Common Customer Service Mistakes

At Nine Business Group we enjoy helping retail businesses here in Calgary provide the best service to their customers while increasing their bottom line.  Therefore, it is important to factor out any customer service issues that may be hindering your company’s reputation. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when running a retail business:

Not Listening to Customer Needs

As soon as you have your first interaction with the customer, your job is now to start listening. Hear what they have to say, and then offer help. If you are focused on what to say to them to sell a product, while they are speaking, they are likely not going to make a purchase with you. Your intent may not be what the customer wants, and since consumer needs are always changing and evolving, we can provide the best value by listening to their needs and offering help.  If you are not focused while they speak, then you can’t provide valuable insight. Continue reading “Avoid These Common Customer Service Mistakes”

What My Customers Have Taught Me

Kent BoehmOver the years I have had the pleasure of coaching and teaching many businesses throughout Calgary and Western Canada how to get the best results possible. What some of you don’t know is that my clients also teach me every day. I have learned that you should:

  1. Do Business as Often as Possible with Your Customers

Although this sounds like a given, it is frequently forgotten. I have met dozens of business owners who want to grow sales, yet never invite past customers back or track the frequency of the business they have done with their past customers. Save time and money by tapping into the network you have already established. Continue reading “What My Customers Have Taught Me”

Create an Excellent Customer Interaction Experience

Customer Interactions are one of the most crucial components of the customer service experience. Overall customer service skills are crucial for any team; however, excellent customer interactions can set your business apart from the competition. To stay competitive in this city a Calgary company must continually work to keep a strong customer base and here are just a few key factors in maintaining that strength:

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Customer Service – Empowering Your Employees

The customer service team is essentially the face of the company and the first and last impression that the client receives. It is important that there are appropriate actions to take when a customer has a problem that needs to be fixed. One method is allowing your team to take care of the details without requiring management to step in. If front line employees are equipped to manage customer inquiries immediately, your service reputation will increase and your team will feel empowered in their roles. Employee empowerment not only saves you time and resources, but it also builds a sense of confidence in your employees who are essentially one of the strongest aspects of your company!

Think about your own past customer service experiences. Have you heard one of these answers before?

“Sorry, that is not my department I cannot help”

“I will have to speak with my manager who will be in at a later time” Continue reading “Customer Service – Empowering Your Employees”

Calgary Business Owners, is your business keeping up with your online customer service?

Professional working womanThe ever-increasing mobile and technical world that we live in have created an urgency for quick response times and on-demand service. Traditional methods of interacting with customers have taken a shift especially as more millennials enter the marketplace. So how can your business stay up to par with the increased demand? It takes a collaborative effort from all team members and management to keep all customer service details flowing smoothly and consistently.

Setup automated services to ensure that if someone is contacting you after hours they will be answered as soon as possible and let them know when you will be available to cater to them. Do you have a self-service option that you can point them to while they are waiting? It is possible that they may be able to answer the questions themselves. Continue reading “Calgary Business Owners, is your business keeping up with your online customer service?”