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Meet the Team

“Before starting my journey with Nine Business Group I felt stuck and overwhelmed. My business was at a standstill. After attending group coaching sessions with Kent and tailored sales coaching with Samm my revenue increased by 92%. I am more confident in running my team, dealing with clients, and getting new sales. My advice is to get a coach!”

Erika F
Effortless Marketing

Kent Boehm, Business Coach & International Public Speaker

Hi, I am Kent, Business Owner, Business Coach & International Public Speaker. I am also a dedicated family man on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to succeed in both business and life. With four children and a loving spouse, I understand the importance of balancing professional ambition with personal fulfillment.

“Do it right the first time!” I wish that was the motto for all entrepreneurs; but in my experience, 20+ years of working with business owners, tells me that is not the case.

Having coached in over 50 different industries with over 200 businesses, I can reassure you that “giving it a try” or “going it alone” is NOT the path to your success; that path only leads to frustration, broken promises and heartache.

As a driven entrepreneur, I understand that running and growing a business requires razor-sharp focus, strong decision-making, and a great team. I know it isn’t always easy.

No professional athlete excels without coaching; growing a profitable business is the same. Expecting that you are an expert in running your business, growing your business, and building systems and processes for your business is unrealistic.

“Kent helped change our business! He took us from undervaluing ourselves to knowing the worth of our business and our services and that has made all the difference. He got us thinking in a different way so that we could appeal to our clients and rocket forward! I would suggest Nine Business Group to anyone looking to follow his steps to ramp up your business fast! Thanks!”

Hey, I am Samm, a University of Hampshire graduate, Certified Business Coach, and Sales Professional. I am also a dedicated wife and mom to 2 rambunctious girls.

With over 20 years of sales experience in the energy, publishing, and professional sports sectors I know what it takes to build clientele, establish meaningful relationships, drive profitable sales, and consistently achieve goals and surpass sales targets.

With an inherent drive to help others for the greater good, I apply my life experience to generate solutions, be a good listener, ask honest thought-provoking questions to raise the bar, and achieve set goals. I gain my energy from the successes of others. My approaches paired with the processes and strategy from ActionCOACH on Sales, Marketing, Teams, Systems, and Leadership is a truly winning combination.

When I am not helping my clients build effective sales processes you can find me leading the way to educate and prepare females to coach hockey. I am a former member of the Canadian Women’s National Hockey Team program and now certified as Hockey Canada Women Master Coach Developer (1 of only 38 in Canada). In addition to all that I am a long-serving board member of Girls Hockey Calgary, dedicated to growing the participation of girls and women in hockey.

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