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7 Tactics to Beat the Competition

Business Practices

It’s often far easier to rest where you are than to push yourself to the next level. Complacency, however, leads to mediocrity; which almost always leads to disaster. So, if this is true, how can you keep yourself responsive, resourceful, and recharged to keep up with the competitive business environment you are part of? Here are seven tactics to help you move ahead, even while others fall behind:
1. Practice self-discipline versus self-indulgence. Self-indulgence is thinking about how you feel at a given moment, then deciding what action, if any to take and worrying about the consequences later. Self-discipline is thinking first about the consequences; then taking appropriate action, and feeling great about your decision. Think about it this way:

Self-Discipline = Think Consequences

(This is when you take action and feel great).

Self-Indulgence = Think Feelings

(This is when you take action and suffer consequences)

2. Remember the difference you make in people’s lives. The real measure of your success is the difference you’re making in the lives of others. By positioning and promoting yourself as someone who can make a difference, you will reach more people.

3. Avoid negative self-talk. Resist the temptation to tell yourself all the things you’re doing wrong and all the things you need to improve on. Remember Willie Nelson’s great tune, “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative and Don’t Mess with Mr. In Between.”

4. Listen to one motivational or inspirational message each week. Without recharging yourself, it’s impossible to charge others. Whether this message comes from a role model or simply from motivational videos or messages it is vital to realize that by renewing yourself, you can renew others.

5. Read books by and for successful people. It is said that the average salesperson reads only one book each year. That’s why they’re average. The importance of reading is that it not only develops your logic and understanding, but it also develops your verbal skills and gives you exposure to new ideas you can use to build your business and your relationships.

6. Focus on your long-term vision versus the short-term circumstances. Take the time to review your goals weekly so you’re focused on the long-term. Remember, if you’re focused on creating the future, you won’t spend time mourning the past.

7. Manage yourself wisely. Recharge and renew yourself and then put in enough effort to get where you want to be –not just enough to justify where you are now. By taking care of yourself and recharging yourself you allow yourself to focus and perform better.

These are seven tactics when implemented and sustained, will make a BIG difference when approached one at a time. Start this week off by focusing on one a day to really jump-start your success.

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Business & Leadership Coach
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