Business Planning

Planning is something we all know we should do, if you are like most of my clients when we first met their plan was in their head. For businesses to continue to be successful to be serious about 2+ years of revenue growth and tripling profits you have to plan in place. You know this is true and that’s why you were here. So what does a good plan look like, here some examples of my client’s and plans. Contained in those plans are 5 to 6 very simple objectives are simplified objectives, with weekly action items spanning the next three to four months. Plans are simple, easy to understand, actionable and easy to communicate. They are always on display, front and centre.

Can a business plan be 75 to 200 pages long sure, those plans have all the right pieces and details except two things, they are not on display and they do not have actionable items. In addition they are usually sitting on a shelf and are never referenced again. A huge key to the success of our clients and are planning is the simplicity of it, it is easy to communicate for themselves to understand and for the team to learn and execute. Contact us today to learn how to simplify your target into a plan containing weekly action items.