Self Employed

Self Employed

Congratulations! You have taken the massive leap and now you Own Your Own Business – you are Your Own Boss! This may be a brand new experience for you, or maybe you have been self employed for years and you’re feeling like you need to make a change – “time to get off the tools”.

So now what? You likely find yourself working 60+ hours a week, most evenings and definitely on weekends. Not only do you do what you used to love to do in the traditional 40 hours a week you used to work, now you have all that “other” business stuff to do as well! Some of it you know how to do, and some you have not learned yet. You find yourself thinking, “I need a vacation”, “how am I ever going to get caught up?”, “I need to hire somebody, will I have enough work for both of us?”.

You are a great craftsman, a skilled technician, and more importantly, your clients rave about your product quality and your customer service. But none of that taught you how to “do the business stuff.”

This is where we come in: our coaches will teach you how to manage your time more effectively, while still getting all the right things done. You only have so many hours in the day and you need to get as much out of them as possible and still make room for more. Our team of experts will work with you and help you understand your calendar, what activities you can stop doing, and what activities we can space out over a longer period of time – which gives you the ability to do the right things, and the things you enjoy doing.

In addition, you will have a marketing plan that will leverage your reputation, you will refine your Unique Selling Proposition. Not only will this marketing plan grow your revenue strategically, it is designed to empower you to successfully bring on new profitable team members, and help you to “work less, and make more.”

Which means you’ll need a staffing plan – the one we will build with you. It will help you hire the right people in 4 easy steps. We will help you develop systems and processes for training the staff to maximize their effectiveness, which allows you to run your business, rather than having your business run you.

Working with our experts, you can truly own your own business, rather than simply owning your job. More income, less hours, more fun. If that sounds good you (and isn’t that why we went into business in the first place?), give us a call.